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Another useful item for the dedicated Railway Modeller.

Suitable for all gauges, N, OO & O and anything in between.

This stand comes with 4 custom made clamps and sufficient holes in the base to enable you to hold down your item you are working on, no matter what it's shape or style is

It measures 16 cm by 8.6cm approx.

Each clamp has a maximum opening of 18 mm and can be held at the correct angle for any item

See the images for examples of the stand in use

The camps supplied come in a variety of random colours which are supplied as available

Additional individual clamps are available via the link below

Comes in kit form for easy assembly, just view the images

The stick on feet come in various sizes and colours as available

The first picture shows a stand as supplied (colours may vary) while the others pictures show it in use with various items (not supplied)

A useful holding stand for OO Gauge Modellers.

This listing is the starter set of 2 bases and 6 clamp units, 2 of each size.

Lets you securely hold your locomotive upside down while you are working on it.

Side clamps come in a range of sizes and have a nice soft padding to protect your model.

The base has a soft anti static sponge surface down the middle as well for protection.

The range of holes are designed for you to set it up to suit the engine you are working on.

See the pictures of various set-ups.

This starter set comes with 2 bases and a set of 6 side bars, 2 of each height, along with the hardware to mount them.

Just set it up as required and you can work on your engine in the knowledge that it is safe and secure.

All the bars are fully adjustable via the wing-nuts as shown.

Comes in kit form for you to set up as needed.

Colours of the bars, base and padding may vary from those shown in the pictures.

Colours supplied will be as available.

This kit as supplied is suitable for Shunters and short engines.

Just add further base kits / posts if you want to work on a long engine with tender.

No limit to the length you can make.

Each base size is 30 cm deep by 6 cm wide approx.

Additional bases are available separately, as are pairs of the 3 sizes of pillars we have.

The locomotives shown are for demonstration only and not for sale.

This kit contains the following:

Base Pack x 2 (base, feet, joiners, padding)

Post Pack 30mm x 1 (2 posts with padding attached)

Post Pack 40mm x 1 (2 posts with padding attached)

Post Pack 50mm x 1 (2 posts with padding attached)

Hardware Pack x 3 (2 sets of bolts, washers, wingnuts per pack)

At last a solution to holding the side panels of wagons etc when you want to glue them.

A dedicated stand for all keen modellers.

See the images of it in use when gluing some OO or O Gauge wagon sides using plastic weld.

Useful for other models of a similar size.

Comes with pads already fitted along with soft feet to protect your bench.

The hole at the end of the panels is to assist in lining them up and for any solvent to drain through.

(put a piece of scrap paper (or blotting paper even better) underneath to catch drips).

Replacement pads are also available.

Listed in our Painting Clamps section stock #1409.

Pad and feet colour may vary from that shown.

Model panels shown are for the demonstration only and not for sale.

Comes in kit form, just screw the angle's together as shown in the pictures.

No need to grow a 3rd hand to hold your panels for gluing.

This is one of those products which make modelling so much easier.