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There are times during your modelling when you wish you had a particular specialist tool to assist you.

We've a range of dedicated items which are sure to make your modelling easier, more satisfying and productive.

Some are dedicated to a particular gauge while others universal and suitable for any gauge or scale.

A useful tool for making rivets in sheet brass or nickel silver for scratch-builders.
Depending upon the size and thickness of your metal you can easily create a neat row of rivet marks all looking the same.

Just put a piece of tape around the bar so you are always dropping the weight from the same height each time.

The tip is made from hardened steel.

The rod is either aluminium or mild steel.

It comes with 3 spare replacement tips.

Two Types are available.
Type 1 has a lighter dropper for use on thinner sheet material.
Type 2 has a heaver dropper and is perfect for the thicker sheeting.

The Tips are easily replaceable.

Just pull the old one out and super-glue the new one in place.

Another of those useful tools making your modelling and building much easier.

Materials used and tip holder colours may vary.

Additional tips available via the option menu below.
They are very sharp, to set them for the size of rivet you want just lightly run a file over the tip.